Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hey, Mom -- could you sew me a...??

I'm taking a brief DVM in NYC break to get back to sewing...well, kinda.  To be honest,  my life is all about the FRANKENsewing...

Since Ross bought his house last fall, we rarely see him.

So I was delighted when he called recently and said, "I'm coming out tonight if you're going to be home..."

I should have been suspicious, eh??

Ross brought me a big pile of his old jeans.  He purchased most of them when he was in high school -- and paid $58 a pair at Younkers. (nowadays, he buys his jeans for $28 at Kohl's)
Ross wanted me to make "shop aprons" from his old jeans.

See -- he has taken up wood-working as a hobby. And a decent shop apron costs about $34.

My heart sank a little bit...because IT IS SO DIFFICULT TO SEW ON OLD DENIM JEANS. All those welted seams and metal rivets...ugh...
Although, after looking at about a dozen examples of SHOP APRONS on the internet...I decided the important thing was to TAKE MAXIMUM ADVANTAGE OF THE GOOD WORK MR. LEVI already did.
I cut away the parts that would be impossible to sew over (those inside welted seams)
The zipper...
Then, I cut around one back pocket, leaving enough extra fabric to topstitch it, and fold a pencil holder...
The bib of the apron is the bottom of one leg.  I stitched around the pocket, and then, stitched it to the second pair of pants...(I basically just cut out the zipper, and the front pockets become the back pockets -- get it?
Humm...this sturdy buttonhole might come in handy later on...
The biggest challenge for me was to make this heavy-duty apron, and make sure it did NOT tie at the back of his neck. I find that style so uncomfortable -- I won't even buy a swimsuit of that style.

THEN -- IT CAME TO ME...I asked my brother-in-law Ned, to model for me...

I used a long piece of recycled t-shirt fabric to create the "apron string". I had two long pieces. I tied them into the buttonhole on each corner of the big...then, the ties crossed over in the back (creating an X)...
And here's the magic -- then, the loops went through the EXISTING BELT LOOP on each side...
So, they come over the shoulder, cross to the opposite side, go through a loop, then -- THE APRON TIES IN FRONT...
I could hardly wait to give Ross his new shop apron.  THIS IS GENIUS.  There is NO WAY I'M GETTING ENOUGH MOTHER/SEWS/POINTS FOR THIS...

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

NYC: DVM: Monday afternoon: Part 3

So -- What's next? Holy Cow -- AREN'T YOU EXHAUSTED?? Really...I'm getting tired just reliving this trip!!

Looking back, I CANNOT BELIEVE WE DID EVERYTHING WE really was a jam-packed time...and sooo many things went just right!!

After we left the Plaza Hotel, we walked down 5th Avenue towards one of my favorite attractions in New York City..!!

We walked down to Rockefeller Center -- they had taken down the ice skating rink...
I took a "shoe shot" where the Christmas Tree stands every year.
Last year, Lilly and I LOVED the behind-the-scenes tour -- we got to meet an actual Rockette.
So, that's where DVM are headed (see it in the distance).
BUT, now that the DVM is completely comfortable walking around New York City without an escort (me) -- I HAVE OTHER PLANS...
First order of business -- meet up with my friend Jeff (who lives in Chicago now, but came to NYC to celebrate his birthday)
I dragged him to the Downton Abbey Exhibit. YES, YES, YES...
Mrs. Hughes WAS A HOLOGRAM...!!  Can you believe it??
The exhibit was very well done.
Wow.  Their meal prep -- and then the presentation -- SO MANY PEOPLE WORKING SO HARD...RIGHT??
Mary's bedroom...
Of course, for me -- the outfits were the highlight of the exhibit.
Remember Sybil's harem outfit?

Monday, May 21, 2018

NYC: DVM: Monday Part 2

When we came out of the ABC television studios, I realized we were only a block away from the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Hey -- WE CAN DO THIS..!!
When we walked into the building, there was a hostess -- who greeted us and told us where we were free to go...and -- hey -- THERE'S FREE COFFEE for visitors up on the second floor.
I was only in this building once in my life...but I remember the chandelier
And we all wanted to get a picture.
I forgot how many there were!
And she wasn't kidding about the coffee...
It was such an unexpected, generous thing to encounter. WHO COULD RESIST?
There is a wonderful gift shop.
I was delighted that DVM got to visit this iconic place.
As we were leaving, a student orchestra was setting up for an outdoor concert.
We took a cab to our next destination...HEY -- ONLY IN NEW YORK CITY!!
Now -- on to THE PLAZA HOTEL..!!
We couldn't afford to eat lunch at the Palm Court -- so our plan was to go downstairs, to "The Shops"...where they have a beautiful food court.  A GREAT PLAN...
Another place in New York City with a handsome young doorman!! (who has been on the job for 3 weeks. He came from Virginia -- to sing on Broadway, of course!)
Deena probably got a better picture of Maddie, standing in front of the Eloise picture.
It's the same spot Lilly stood in last year.
So far, New York City has been an extremely entertaining, cordial hostess.



Saturday, May 19, 2018

DVM in NYC: Day Three. Monday morning.

Every television show that tapes in front of a live audience gives away tickets to be in the audience. Of course, many of the shows happen right in NEW YORK CITY..!!

I found this website:

This seemed like an interesting (and FREE) thing to do during the DVM trip to I checked which shows were taping during our visit...and, surprisingly, the same day I applied, I received four FREE TICKETS...

We got out of bed early Monday morning. Our instructions said to be at the studio by 7:30 AM to reserve our seats...
We took the subway, and walked one block over to the studio...
There was already a disturbingly long line....
Once we got inside the building -- it was ANOTHER HOUR in line...ugh...
The show was LIVE with Kelly and Ryan.
And it was interesting to see how live television works.  Gelman (the producer) sits on a stool just out of the camera shot, holding up questions, or writing out notes...
Lucy Liu was a guest on our day...also, David Duchovny. They both brought their own PR person -- who held up their own cards with questions Kelly and Ryan were supposed to ask...

What struck me at the end of our Kelly and Ryan adventure is how many people it takes (ALL WORKING FULL TIME, MAKING REALLY GOOD MONEY) to put together one hour of vapid television.

Really.  I miss Oprah.

Friday, May 18, 2018

NYC: DVM: Day Two TOTG...

The perfect way to end this most perfect day would be to have a nice, sit down dinner at, arguably, the most iconic restaurant in New York City.

Yep. Tavern on the Green. We had reservations for 7:00. And this couldn't have worked out better.
We took a cab up to TOTG -- which is nestled just inside the 66th Street entrance to Central Park.
Like so many famous New York City establishments -- TOTG has a handsome young doorman (specifically for these photo ops, I'm pretty sure!)
AND, another common element is the massive arrangement of fresh flowers for the customers to enjoy.  (I LOVE THIS)...
You've got to love a basket of rolls...
With the special, painted china...(I was sooo tempted to steel that little plate!!)
Since the big remodel and re-opening -- the glass walls look out on Central Park.
We had a corner booth.  SO SPECIAL!!
I might have told the Reservations girl that it was Maddie's birthday (oops...)
So, with the free Birthday cake, and the brownie sundae Maddie ordered from the kid's menu -- and the Carrot  that's THREE DESSERTS!!
After we ate, we walked into Central Park.
Then, we walked across the street to put money on our MTA cards...
More exquisite tile work in the subway station...