Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It Changed My Life

Rhonda Pierce and I are headed to beautiful Maderia Beach, Florida for Round Two of Fitness Camp AND YOU ARE INVITED!!

Both Rhonda and I agree that giving ourselves ONE WEEK at Weight Crafters in beautiful Maderia Beach, Florida last November was the BEST GIFT WE COULD HAVE GIVEN OURSELVES...

And we are doing it AGAIN -- the week of November 12-18, 2018,


This is a photo of me -- the week BEFORE I went to Fat Camp last fall.  I weighed somewhere north of 300 pounds...and I'd already been dieting and exercising for a month, hoping I would be able to DO THE WORK once I got to Florida.

MAKE NO MISTAKE -- IT IS A LOT OF HARD WORK...we were down in the gym every morning by 8:30.
The view from our condo -- that beach looked SO INVITING...but, most nights, we were too tired to walk across the street...
I loved, loved, loved NEVER having to think about what I was going to eat.  Every meal was delivered...and I enjoyed each bite!!
The sunsets were stunning!!  It is a really beautiful part of the world.
Conn, our trainer, did a great job of MIXING IT UP...on this day, we walked to a local park...and played basketball!!
In a million years, I NEVER THOUGHT I would go kayaking on the ocean!!
On our last day -- we finally did manage to WALK ALONG THE BEACH...
I cannot tell you how Fat Camp changed my life. At 68 years old, I weighed over 300 pounds and had to take the steps to my basement one foot at a time. I mostly sat in my chair for 12 hours a day...and I had accepted that as my life. I was old and fat, and that was the way it was gonna be.

During the week I was in Florida, I lost 12 pounds. But the really amazing thing is that when I got home, I adopted a whole new lifestyle.  I eat breakfast every morning, I joined the Y, and I aquasize almost every day.

At this point, I've lost 70 pounds. I've gone from wearing a size 3X, to a size 18.

I can't thank Conn and Weight Crafter's enough.

Fat Camp (my term, not theirs) changed my life.

A picture of the new me.  I do NOT FEEL fat or old...!!

WE'D LOVE TO HAVE YOU COME WITH US for the next round!!

Weight Crafters have offered us a terrific deal....instead of the usual price of $2799....

IF YOU GO WITH US, DURING OUR R and R SPECIAL WEEK, YOU will only pay $1,799 per person (for shared condo)...

SO -- COME ON DOWN!! Join me and Rhonda this November to push the RESET BUTTON on your life!!

To get this pricing, you need to commit by the end of this week!!

Believe me -- this is a GREAT DEAL....and I'd be happy to answer any questions, and give you more information.

Hurricane Irma did visit the Madeira Beach Area, but the Weight Crafter's facility (which is built like a fortress) had only minimal damage. So our dates are firm -- and we're ready to go!!

Mary Mulari is going to join us...and YOU CAN, TOO..!!

Contact me:

my cell: 563 529 5438

Monday, September 18, 2017

Our Special Saturday Adventures!

Every child should have one thing they really feel good about. I don't mean being an Olympic figure skater...but something they just enjoy doing that gives them a feeling of accomplishment.

Something that makes them feel capable and part of things. Sports is the key for lots of kids. My boys both loved playing baseball...and during the summer, the weekly practices and games brought a busy, happy rhythm to our lives.

For Lilly -- let me see -- and 8 year old who knows all the words to about 20 Hamilton songs??

Yep -- Junior Theater Acting Classes -- HERE WE COME..!!
I signed her up for the Saturday afternoon Acting Class.
Founded in 1951, The Davenport Junior Theatre is the second oldest children's theater company in the United States. We've often attended the plays they put on -- but I never realized there was a whole schedule of classes. DUH, Grandma!!
We got there a little early, so the kids had time to do some coloring.
Lilly's picture was worthy of framing...
Warren and I were invited up to the studio to see the first five minutes of Lilly's acting class...but then we were invited to LEAVE. No problem. We went to a nearby park.
You've gotta love the age of four.
Everything is just SO MUCH FUN.
He played hard for 30 minutes.
Then, he was ready to go back and get Lilly.  We were both eager to hear her report.
We hooked up with Uncle Ross for a Steak and Shake lunch.
Lilly gave an excellent report. There were 8 kids in her acting class, and they learned about pantomime. They acted out different animals...she told us about every other child in her class.

THEN, we went swimming at the YMCA. Yes, indeed...it was THE PERFECT SATURDAY..!!

MMWI:  230.0  Hey -- don't feel bad for me.  I forgot to tell you that THE PERFECT SATURDAY ended with pizza and fried chicken!!  It was a treat...now I'm over it...onward to NEXT WEEK..!!  

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cement Stepping Stones

The summer is winding down...the kids are BOTH in school now...and the house is pretty quiet. Except for Saturdays!!

The new schedule will probably be them both spending the night on Fridays -- and then we'll have all day Saturday to play and do things. As you know -- there's a lot popping around here on a Saturday! And that's a day Elliott and Emily are pretty busy with their business.

On this particular Saturday -- Lilly found a "Cement Stepping Stone" kid I'd purchased for $1.88 at the Goodwill store. Yes, it seemed like a good idea. As we read the directions, I thought the most fun part of this project would be actually pressing things INTO the wet cement...

And I was right...
The actual BEST part of the activity was the pre-cement-pouring TREASURE HUNT...
The kids took a pink bowl and went all around the house, looking for marbles, buttons, or pieces of jewelry that could be pressed into the wet cement.
They cut up plastic straws to make their initials
And they were pretty pleased with the final results.
Wasrren took this picture of me, with both stepping stones.
So, our Saturdays are going to have to do us for now. And, I have signed Lilly up for a special Saturday activity that seems to hold great promise...??!!

Friday, September 15, 2017

The New Rooftop Restaurant -- UP

Oh, yes, we are the lucky girls!! On this beautiful late summer day, we were having our TMBC at the brand new Current Hotel. And -- get this -- THEY HAVE A ROOFTOP RESTAURANT!!

So, as Alexander Hamilton would say -- "LEZZGO...""

There is art EVERYWHERE in this boutique luxury hotel...

Thankfully, none of us were wearing booty shorts that day...
These are the doors, leading OUT to the UP Restaurant.
There are a dozen conversational groupings of sofas and chairs, with big square coffee tables in the middle.
The view, is, of course -- THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER..!!
It's across the street from the Davenport Bank.
I ordered Eggs Benedict...which was only $11. (it's actually $12 at my local HyVee)...
Me, LK, LP and Sandy...all needed sunglasses. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY.
Turns out, there's a local glass blowing studio that operates a big class schedule -- and the glass art all came from there.
like the ceiling lights inside the front door...
the corn cob light fixtures in the Mexican restaurant...
The flower pots scattered around UP
The light fixtures in the lobby of VIVA! (the Mexican Restaurant)
Oh, yeah -- this will be my new profile picture on Facebook!!
GO DAVENPORT!! They are doing a lot of things right...and, one of these days, I'm going to write about their 34 parks...and you won't believe their children's Theater!!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Current Hotel

There is a brand new hotel in Downtown Davenport, Iowa. The trendy Current Hotel recently had their grand opening. It's part of a $36 million renovation, and this property is STUNNING.

Read more about it in this Quad City Times ARticle...

So, of course, the TMBC should have breakfast there!!  Lezz..go....
The main lobby door is deceptively plain...
Because, inside -- the place is FULL OF ORIGINAL ART..!!
Even the ceiling is a work of art
Of course the light fixtures would be blown glass corn cobs.
And if you must have a support column in the middle of your beautiful lobby, why not drape it with silk?
The apple were real
The cow was not
So -- what kind of fabulous surprise is waiting for us on the R floor??
Yes. It was fabulous. Tuesdays are always fabulous. WE SO DESERVE THIS..!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A New Quilter!

We are a busy bunch. The TMBC, that is. There is ALWAYS something goin' on...and often, that something is about sewing.

Or, well -- it could be about cooking!  Remember the famous Iron Range Luncheon??
There was sandwich loaf, and pasties...
And a surprise BABY SHOWER for our newest Grandma, Jackie!!
Sharalan (a new quilter) brought some of the blocks she'd been making (on her new Featherweight)
So -- FAST FORWARD -- and now, Sharalan has completed all the blocks, and it's time to assemble her quilt top!
She brought ALL THE BLOCKS  to TMBC
And we put some tables together -- to see what the final layout should be.
Yep. WE got this.
She's using the Quilt As You Go technique to assemble her quilt...and IT IS LOOKING FABULOUS.